Aspen Portfolio Strategy Fund

The Value Proposition
Pairing long-only equity exposure with a diversified, trend-following managed futures portfolio may generate an attractive risk adjusted return. Access to this combination in a mutual fund structure may assist advisors in building holistic solutions for clients across the spectrum of sophistication, many of whom may not be able to achieve the benefits of full equity exposure plus full trend following exposure without this structure.

Market Demands

This strategy provides a unique complement to the traditionally constructed portfolio. Advisors are in a never-ending search for strategies that will perform well during equity bull markets while also providing a measure of diversification during equity bear markets.

Methodology Summary
Aspen has developed a proprietary methodology that combines long US equity exposure with an approximately equal amount of exposure to its diversified, trend-following managed futures program. Every dollar invested gets exposure to one dollar of long equities and one dollar of our systematic trend following program.